Saturday, March 17, 2012

This is Henrietta; I named her that. Painted from a picture taken at a local farm. Love those goat eyes...

Okay, Moo (sold)

well...I just really liked this cow closeup.

Bruce on the Beach

Couldn't resist painting this one of my brother enjoying the beach last year in February. He sent it on a day when it was snowing like heck up North. I guess this was my first human portrait. :)

Vern (sold)

Painted my Weimaraner Vern about 2 years ago...this painting was kind of a breakthrough for me, as some - notice I said some - watercolor things started to make sense and 'work' for me. I will definitely paint him again.


Welcome to my lil ole blog about my watercolors...learning how to navigate this bloggy stuff - should be fun!